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Lots of people don’t know how to take good pictures with a phone.

Lots of us struggle when we take photos, especially if those photos are for a business website or marketing campaign, and most specifically, branding and social media.

In fact, so many of our clients ask us

how to take better pictures with your phone

that our Photographer put this eBook together: Take Better Pictures with Your Phone.

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Taking photos is part of our modern age – everyone does it and they do it constantly.

But many of us do it badly.

And that’s not good for our bottom line. (ROI can be increased with amazing images — check out the stats on our Photography page.)

Or is it…

Artonic’s photographer is instrumental in developing our team’s collective appreciation of photography and our knowledge of the art and science of the craft. So when I personally reached out to her to help with this topic, she went way above and beyond.

Why did I ask for her help? Because I obviously don’t know how to take good pictures with a phone. Not at all.

Here are some “classics” from my mobile phone collection:

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I know that some of you might be thinking that the photos above – the ones I say are not examples of how to take good pictures with a phone – are “not so bad” or even “okay.”

Let me give you a little perspective.

The following images are from Artonic’s photographer:

A photo of Artonic's logo on a window; shows an example of great photography taken with a phone.

Joe writing on whiteboard at Artonic

A group of girls gathers around the author of the eBook How to take Good Photos

Yeah. You see the difference now, don’t you!

Subjects can tell the difference between professional photography and amateur 90% of the time

(Learn More on our Photography page.)

Learn How to take Good Pictures with a Phone

Yes, even you and I can learn how to take good photos with our phones. And it’s pretty painless, too.

As I mentioned above, the pictures I took with my phone were no good. They couldn’t be used in our blog or on our Facebook page; the time I spent taking them really amounted to a waste.

But I’ve been diligent about taking better photos. And to that end, I asked Ashlee to educate our design team as a whole (and me, specifically) on how to take good pictures with our mobile phones.

She came up with a presentation that spelled it out to us in basic, everyday language with real, actionable tips. Now our team is snapping more pictures than ever – and they’re good!

Here are some highlights from her eBook:

Common Problems

Most of us encounter the same problems with our phone when taking photos (blurry images, anyone?) and many times, the solution is simple.

In this eBook you’ll see what the top barriers are to getting good pictures with a phone – such as “harsh sun” and “poor composition” – and how to easily overcome them. The solutions are laid out in an easy-to-read manner and include photos so you can see exactly what you’re supposed to do.

Simple Solutions

The solutions offered in the eBook are very simple and most involve only one or two steps. Detailed images of each solution are also included (but you’ll probably love the “bad” examples – i.e. my photos – even more than the “good” ones šŸ˜‰ )

For example, how should you handle inadequate light? What’s the best solution for blurry images? (Hint – there are three!)

Start Taking Better Photos!

Ready to take good pictures with your phone?

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Thank you and happy learning!