I Need Digital Marketing with Measurable Results.
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Of course you want results from your digital marketing campaign, as you should. But measurable results? With digital marketing? Is that even possible?

Actually, yes. It is possible to create digital marketing campaigns that return measurable results. The concept is call Inbound Marketing.

Drive Traffic

The basic idea behind Inbound Marketing is to attract the right types of visitors to your website using SEO (keywords), Content Creation (blogs), and Social Media (posts). Getting these visitors to your website is no small feat. That’s why it’s best to use a variety of methods to increase traffic to your website.

To get leads, you need traffic to your website. Bringing visitors who are interested in your service or product is vital to the strength of your campaign.

  • SEO
  • UX Design
  • Consider PPC
  • Create Meaningful Content

Effectively Capture Leads

Next, the traffic lands on your website (maybe via a blog article in Google or a post on LinkedIn). They are now your visitors. To take them from visitor status and convert them into a lead requires well-designed content, landing pages, calls to action, and contact forms. There is a specific science to structuring a webpage to increase conversions and ensure visitors enjoy their time on-site. Building a strong website is a vital foundation piece of successful Inbound Marketing.

Capturing a lead successfully and effectively requires specific elements.

  • Landing Pages
  • Calls to Action (CTAs)
  • Free Offers

Automate Lead Nurturing

Once your visitor becomes a lead, it’s time to build that relationship. This is called lead nurturing and can be done automatically through email software. Lead nurturing is accomplished by meeting the needs of your leads through carefully written content.

Your leads must be nurtured to ensure healthy client relationships. This includes:

  • Email Automation Software
  • Additional Free Offers

Feed Your Clients

Once your leads become clients, invest time in building relationships with them. This can be extremely lucrative, as you have an established relationship with these clients already.

Do this by meeting your clients’ needs and addressing real problems. Create content and host educational events. Find out what your clients are thinking through surveys. Take care of your clients and turn them into endorsers for your brand.

  • Custom Offers
  • Events
  • Surveys


All these activities are tied to tracking software, so that you can keep an eye on your visitors and leads. After viewing the data, make adjustments as necessary to increase your ROI.


There are ways to achieve digital marketing with measurable results, including:

Responsive Web Design & UX Design

Every serious, professional business needs an online presence in 2015. A responsive website that incorporates user-centered design practices is today’s standard.

Create your website with your target audience in mind. Engage UX Design to ensure visitors love the time they spend on your website, and return.

Be sure to include optimized Landing Pages and Thank You pages with strong CTAs to convert visitors quickly and easily.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

No one can visit your website if they cannot find it – that’s where SEO comes in. SEO is actually optimizing your website so that search engines (like Google) can understand it. If Google understands the topics and information on your website, it can better serve that information to those who matter.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the practice of creating helpful, relevant content for your target audience on a regular basis. Content is produced specifically for each stage in the sales process, and is delivered at the right time by the right means. Inbound marketing utilizes many digital marketing strategies including e-mail marketing and social media. With the implementation of tracking software, brands can track a user throughout the sales process.


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