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A new trend in web design is Modern UI (Modern User Interface).  Modern UI emphasizes typography over graphics.   It is a simple, elegant, and clean design trend that makes use of tiles.  Examples of this are seen in Microsoft’s designs for phones and Windows 8.

I sat down with Artonic owner, Matt Harper, and asked a few questions regarding Modern UI.

Danielle:  Tell us a little about Modern UI.

Matt:   It makes use of solid colors, straight lines.  There is a lack of gradients, a lack of drop shadows.  Good contrast between the colors where there isn’t a need for a lot outlines, gradients, or shadows.  So it’s really an improved design.  It’s a lot simpler, it loads a lot faster, and it’s also faster to design and make changes.

I really see Modern UI as something that will be classified as web 3.0.  And I see SAAS applications, cloud applications, being classified as web 3.0 also.  Modern UI works very well for mobile devices.

We are going into an era where we’re able, through browser wars between Chrome and Firefox, and finally IE, to use new technologies, and do bigger things.  There is a real need for clean, simple, straight-forward design.

D:  What about Web 2.0?  Where did that go?

M:    It’s important to note that these web versions, so to speak, are really just a view of things.  There isn’t a definitive definition of Web 2.0 or Web 3.0.  Web 2.0 is generally characterized as sites that employ larger fonts and graphics, and have very clean layouts.  Web 2.0 was also the beginning of real web applications.  Web 3.0 will consist of even powerful web applications that come very close to replacing resource intensive desktop software.  Web 3.0 websites will likely include those that utilize an even more modern and simplistic design than Web 2.0 sites have.

D:  How does Modern UI affect web design?

M:  The internet is a place for information.  It can be a place for art, but when art becomes the primary focus of web design, it muddies the user experience.  You can have a very pretty website where you can’t locate any information, or it’s hard to navigate, or hard to read, whatever the case may be.  And at the end of the day, the user prefers a better experience over a better design.  That’s where Modern UI comes in.  It gives the user a better experience.

D:  Do you think this trend will continue?

M:  I think the trend will continue because it facilitates user experience.   I think that’s why Microsoft will be successful with this design trend that they’ve invested a lot into, and are taking a lot of risk on.  With all of the information that is thrown at us every day, we will continue to latch onto anything that makes it easier to navigate and filter it.

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