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Getting Started with Digital Marketing (What’s the first step?)

Are you a new business that’s just getting started with digital marketing? Not sure where to start? In this quick, informative video Angela (Artonic’s Digital Marketing Manager) tells you what the first step is.


Video Transcript

“If you’re a new business just getting started with digital marketing, I think it’s important to know who your audience is. Who is your ideal client? You want to make sure that you’re targeting your messaging in a way that makes sense, so you can really start bringing in the leads that are qualified for you and for your business.”

Your Ideal Client

Not sure where to start with digital marketing? First, who are you marketing to? Before you can craft a marketing message, you need to know and understand the people receiving that message.

Not sure who is your ideal client? No worries! Here are some materials to help you learn a little more about your target audience.

Learn More About Your Audience

What is a Target Audience? – Start here to define your target audience (aka your ideal client)

What the Pros Know About Marketing – An introduction to Angela and her role as Artonic’s Digital Marketing Manager

The Secret Formula to Making Profitable Website Decisions (in Design, Development, and Marketing) – Guess who is the most essential element in the secret formula (here’s a hint: it’s your target audience)

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