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A website is one of the most affordable ways to communicate with the public; whether you want to use it as a marketing tool or simply to provide information. However, a poorly designed website will limit its impact, so it is a good investment to get the best, most effective website built that you can afford.

Highly Effective Websites are Easy-to-Use

When considering the design of your website, focus on ease of use. Many people today are familiar with the Internet, but your website should still be intuitive. This aspect is especially important for people who may want to purchase something from your website. They want to be able to find what they are looking for quickly, and they want the ordering process to be simple. Make it difficult, and they may well take their business elsewhere.

Zona Research estimates that around $25 billion of potential profit is lost every year due to poor website usability.

Studies have shown that if users have to follow more than three hyperlinks, they start to lose interest. If you have a large site, adding search functionality may be a well-received feature.

Effective Websites Load Quickly

Your webpage should also load quickly; if it takes over ten seconds then users become impatient. This means keeping pictures and graphics to a minimum and ensuring that they are small and compact. If you do need large pictures, then put them at the bottom so that visitors can read the text while the pictures are loading.

Effective Websites Work with Common Browsers

Ensure that your website is compatible with as many browsers as possible. The major Internet browsers are Chrome, FireFox, and Internet Explorer. Here at Artonic, every website we build is compatible with the common browsers.

Effective Websites are Well Designed

Colors are also important because on the Internet you are communicating with users visually. Companies that have official colors should use the same ones on their website for consistency. For text, you should choose colors that are easy on the eye. Colors can also have cultural and emotional significance. A web designer will be able to help you decide on a suitable color scheme.

Effective Websites Use Great Content

Good web content is vital. All words and visuals should be of good quality. You want to communicate the right messages and ideas to your visitors so that you attract your target market to your website. Having good, up-to-date information on your website also gives a good impression and visitors will feel more confident if they think that you know about your market or industry. For example, a bike store that is able to give expert advice on various aspects of cycling will inspire confidence in buyers.

Effective Websites Increase User Interaction

You will be able to tell how well your website is fulfilling its function by how users interact with it. Do they read the text and watch any videos, or do they simply take one look and then leave? Do visitors to your website ask for information, click on links, or make a purchase?  All of these questions can be answered by the free analytics package included in every website we build.  Contact us today for free information at (517) 902-7851.