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Grizzly Glue

Crafting a Brand That Really Sticks

The Problem

A company known as Excel Glue was under the leadership of two visionaries: Kyle Murphy and Scott Rhoades. Despite their unique adhesive formula, their brand and awareness wasn’t where they wanted it to be. Coming to Artonic, they challenged our team to help them with a re-brand to establish themselves as the toughest and most tenacious adhesive on the market. Along with it, they’d need a new logo, an e-commerce website, and professional photos that fit their aesthetic and goals.

The Process

The Artonic team jumped to work, brainstorming a new name, logo concepts, and brand guidelines to create a look that was appealing to the industry’s market of craftspeople and woodworkers, along with instantly promoting the strength of their polyurethane adhesive.

Discussion of a new website was then initiated. Planning the layout, structure, and content of the new site hinged on creating an easy experience to buy Grizzly Glue’s premium adhesive.

The Solution

After over 100 potential names and designs, Grizzly Glue came to life and was instantly a hit. Building on the new logo, Artonic established brand guidelines to ensure Grizzly Glue’s new look would stick with customers.

The new website was centered on these brand guidelines, including a brilliant photoshoot to highlight the leaders of Grizzly Glue and their brand. Re-launching into the market was a huge success that immediately introduced their product and made buying just a click away.

Branding Overview

In crafting a new brand for what eventually became Grizzly Glue, Artonic started with careful consideration of the company and product as a whole. First and foremost, the brand needed to reflect the toughness and tenacity of the glue itself. After all, this was a product uniquely capable of handling the heavy-duty tasks woodworkers demanded of it. Professionals and hobbyists require a reliable and durable adhesive!

Our team conducted extensive research on the audience and analyzed the competitive landscape to ensure that the branding process would lead to a unique and memorable product identity.

During the brainstorming process, the team came up with several ideas, including logos highlighting the primarily qualities of the brand: strength, tenacity and resilience. We explored various brand names to do the same!

Dive into the individual elements of this rebranding below!

Making a Name in the Industry

Artonic’s work towards finding the right name for Grizzly Glue involved a lot of discussion. We searched high and low for concepts that promoted the natural strength of this new polyurethane adhesive. When determining the best possible names, Artonic looks at ideas like:

  • Relevant
  • .com available
  • Memorable
  • Competitively Positioned
  • Simple Phonetics

This all combines to make it recognizable, promotable, and likely to become well-known in the industry.

The name needed to resonate with woodworkers and craftspeople, the primary audience for this product. These individuals are highly skilled and knowledgeable about their craft and rely on top-quality materials to produce their work.

Digging through natural symbols of strength, bears were a strong contender. Of course, if you’re going to choose a bear to represent a glue this strong, it has to be one of the toughest, most durable and hardy bears on the planet!

The name "Grizzly Glue" instantly evokes the rugged strength and durability of this adhesive. By choosing a name that speaks to their values, the company could lead their marketing efforts with their best foot forward.

Tagline Creation and Hand-Picked Color Palette

729 C
7408 C
Black 6 C
Black C

Measure Twice, Develop Once

To make the development process as seamless as possible, Grizzly Glue’s website was designed using Artonic’s wireframing process. Like any craftsman knows, good planning makes the project go smoothly! Every element of the site, from logo placement to photo selection and content layout was meticulously planned in the wireframe to ensure the best look before going into programming.

The overall design of the site features Grizzly Glue’s brand colors and photography that make you feel like you’re in a woodshop as you click through the site. From the homepage to the product guide, the updated website creates an easy path for new craftspeople or experienced ones to learn about Grizzly Glue and get an order shipped their way in just a few clicks.

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Final Design

Connecting with Craftspeople

With the new logo and e-commerce website ready to go, it was time to reach out and introduce this amazing adhesive to craftspeople from every industry. From social media to PPC ads to influencers, the Grizzly Glue marketing strategy was comprehensive and the goal was simple: drive traffic to the website and convert into sales.

Artonic worked diligently through each marketing campaign, making adjustments to maximize ROI and help Grizzly Glue reach their sales goals.

Hand-Crafted Logo Design

Designing a logo for an industry of craftspeople means there’s no phoning it in. Artonic’s lead designer worked on over one hundred logo concepts, hand-drawing everything from various brand names, themes, and color schemes. Departing from Excel Glue’s gray-toned, generic logo, the high-contrast Grizzly Glue grizzly bear stood out as a clear winner.

Color Palette

Photos from the Workshop

Grizzly Glue is a company built by craftspeople for craftspeople. To capture imagery that represents the company’s dedication to woodworking and beyond, Artonic scouted the perfect woodworking studio. Coordinating the photography session, Artonic captured product photos used for informational and sales purposes, along with fantastic shots to promote the leadership at Grizzly Glue and the brand’s story.

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