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IOTT Insurance

A New Look with Renewed Focus Towards Growth

The Problem

Iott Insurance is one of the most trusted names in insurance in southeast Michigan. But their website was starting to show its age. While the on-site content was well-written and concise, it was written without SEO in mind, making it harder to rank organically in an already highly-competitive industry. Combined with an outdated aesthetic and limited options for improving the existing site, Artonic recommended a rehaul to bring the appearance and content up to par with the quality of service provided by Iott Insurance’s dedicated team.

The Process

Artonic jumped to work, developing a plan to create a brand-new website with a focus on highlighting Iott Insurance’s expertise and abilities to help everyday people navigate the world of insurance. Working directly with Iott Insurance’s team, Artonic constructed a wireframe to make it easier for both teams to see and adjust the new site as it progressed. Content was developed in tandem with SEO best practices in mind, along with ensuring the information was accurate, thorough, and answered the most common questions people had about personal and business insurance.

The Solution

The collaboration between Iott Insurance and Artonic resulted in a stunning new website, allowing users to quickly and easily find information about any of the primary insurance products available through the company. The more organized site structure allowed for a wider range of subpages, creating unique pages for each type of insurance instead of having them scattered across single, multi-topic pages. This opened the door for better SEO targeting and long-term updates, along with giving customers a better opportunity to see Iott Insurance’s broad coverage options at a glance.

The Wireframe & Design Process

Every pixel of their new website was planned using a modern wireframing tool. This gave the Artonic team the ability to consider every aspect of the site, including the look, the content, and the accessibility for users. The wireframe was shared with the client, giving them a live look at changes, and allowing them to make suggestions or ask questions on a granular level. The goal was to make sure the final design covered everything it needed to while representing the voice Iott Insurance wanted to present to its community.

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Final Design

Bringing Focus to Iott Insurance’s
Core Philosophy

Iott Insurance’s old website prominently featured a tagline promoting them as a source for the best possible premiums. For the new design, they wanted to highlight their philosophy of forging strong relationships and trust with their customers. As insurance experts, the team at Iott Insurance prides themselves on answering questions, providing the best guidance, and helping people get the financial protections they need.

They understand how challenging insurance can be to navigate, so we developed a straightforward new tagline, “insurance made simple”, to instantly introduce customers to what they should expect working with Iott: a friendly face, an easy process and comprehensive insurance solutions.

Crafting the New Look & Feel

A new website is a chance to start fresh! Artonic wanted to help Iott Insurance revamp its online experience with more than just a modern layout – it needed to highlight the same friendly, inviting feeling you get working with them in person.

The updated design utilizes Iott Insurance's traditional brand style, which is thoughtfully blended with warm, friendly colors. In addition to the fresh and functional new appearance, this combination symbolizes the company's commitment to human-centered service, and it is intended to reflect their customer-focused approach where one-on-one service is paramount.

The new Iott digital experience is all about making insurance accessible, understandable, and customer oriented.

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Video & Photoshoot for a Personal Touch

No website is complete without fantastic imagery. The personalized approach that Iott Insurance brings to the industry can only be properly highlighted by showing off who they are, so that’s where Artonic started!

Their new website features photos taken from all over the office, inside and out, giving visitors that feel of familiarity before they’ve even been to the building. Wherever possible, the photos show off Iott Insurance’s incredible team working together or with customers.

Artonic also recorded plenty of video to give voice to the Iott team right on their website. Just like they greet you when you walk through the door, the videos greet you with their team while visitors browse the site to learn more about them.

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