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Current Trends in Japanese Web Design

Japanese Website Design
Website designs from Japan offer endless inspiration through intelligent outside-the-box ideas, seamless development, and the latest technology. Current Japanese web designs are fascinating and beautiful.
Here is a quick compilation of … Read the Article

2018 Web Design Trends: Hero Images

Hero images have been used in web design for over a decade and continue to be popular in 2018. Hero images are excellent for website banners, because they’re beautiful, simple, and real. Hero images … Read the Article

Web Design Trend: Hamburger Menu

What is a Hamburger Menu?
A hamburger menu is an icon used on a website that, when clicked, opens to reveal a navigation menu. Visually, it’s a stack of three horizontal lines resembling a … Read the Article

2018 Web Design Trends: Cinemagraphs

Let’s talk about the 2018 Web Design Trend Cinemagraphs. What are cinemagraphs? Cinemagraphs are photos that contain just a little movement. The movement is usually small and repeated over and over, although it creates the … Read the Article

2018 Website Design Trend: Typography

Typography is the art of manipulating type into a readable, yet visually appealing arrangement for display. Designers select typefaces, point size, leading, tracking, kerning, font combinations, and more when arranging type. We’re seeing more … Read the Article