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Custom photography is vital if you want to get someone’s attention, be it in your website or marketing campaign. Custom photography is professionally shot and edited photographs of real people from your company or business. There is virtually nothing else that will make as big an impact on your viewers than beautiful photography.

build a brand with DIY Pole Barns

When entrepreneur Mike Gilmore decided to invest in his website, he chose Artonic for stunning web designs. Custom photography was a must for this growth-oriented business, not only to give visitors a visual of the product (pole barn kits) but also stand out in a highly competitive market.

The Value of Custom Photography

No matter what you’re selling, photography can help you sell it.

But not just any photography. People love to look at professional, relevant photography of real people.

The builders went about their work as we photographed them and the site.

A 2014 study published by the National Press Photography Association (NPPA) found the following:

  • Subjects could tell the difference between professional photography and amateur 90% of the time
  • Professional photos were twice as appealing to subjects; they were more likely to be shared online, to be viewed longer, and to be considered ‘memorable’
  • Subjects value seeing faces and relationships containing real people and products

Why Is Photography Valuable?

In an interesting article, major exhibitors directly or indirectly involved in the field of Chinese photography were asked, “What makes the value of a photograph?

Here are their insights:

“Its aura, its ability to trigger emotions and vibrations.” -Philippe Jacquier, Galerie Lumière des Roses

“It depends on the feeling you ascribe to it, the extent to which it echoes yourself and the outside world.” -Geoffroy Dubois, Galerie Paris-Beijing 

“For me photography is a very peculiar art, it’s not merely a mechanical tool that records things. Only photography has the capacity to seize time itself, to unveil the specificity of a moment, the specificity of a person, of a place.” -Rose H. K. Hsu, Beyond Gallery

Get More From Custom Photography

There are so many reasons to choose custom photography for your business.

Man has nail in mouth as he hammers a board.
People want to see other people’s faces.

Build Your Assets

“One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is underutilizing their photography assets and their investment. Custom photography is an asset, therefore having a library of image files to pull from can save you time and money over the long-term.” (9 Ways Personal Branding Photography Can Massively Grow Your Business by Huffington Post)

Man hits board with hand.
Images that are interesting and high quality get viewed the most.

Strengthen Your Brand

“Great-looking photography will give your personal brand another layer of trust and appeal. We know that it takes the brain less than 30 seconds to process visual cues, so ensuring your blog or website is charged with bold, beautiful images will help you capture and keep people’s attention and establish a unique image.” (Why your personal brand deserves high-quality photography by The Next Web)

Builder measures board.
Photos allow your potential customers to “see” your product or service in action.

Stand Out from Competitors

“Why go visual? Online publisher Mashable and EyeTrackShop recently found that participants in a webcam eye-tracking study spent less time looking at Facebook wall posts and advertisements and more time looking at the cover photo on brands’ timelines. So this stuff matters. As every brand becomes a publisher charged with creating content to attract customers, the quality of that content becomes increasingly important. In other words, you have to produce stuff that helps you stand out.” (How Photos Can Make or Break Your Marketing Campaign by Entrepreneur)

Visuals have become vital to a strong online presence.

Connection + Trust

“Human photos on a website definitely have positive impact on visitor’s first impression of trustworthiness. Human photos with focus on face have much better impact (as emotional connect is stronger).” (Do human photos on a landing page increase sales and conversions? by VWO)

Man hammers board.
Make them remember your website by using completely unique images.

Behind the Camera

To capture photography for DIY, we traveled to locations in SE Michigan and NW Ohio. We were fortunate enough to be near to the construction of a new pole barn in Saline, Michigan.

Sun shines on trees and a barn.
The work site in Saline.

We arrived early in the day to capture the sun overhead. Several local builders were onsite to construct the new pole barn.

Barn is photographed by woman.
Ashlee captures the sun as it moves through the slats in the barn’s frame.

Ashlee captured images of the builders as they measured, cut, hammered, and put together the pole barn.

Woman photographs barn.
Ashlee crouches along the building to get a better angle.

The pole barn was constructed on a lot next to a newly harvested wheat field. We traversed into the field to get long distance shots.

Woman walks in field.
We head out into the field for another view.

The grass and field were still covered in dew (another reason to wear the right pair of shoes).

Woman's booted feet in grass.
My shoes.

We went into the field, and Ashlee got creative with some of the shots of the barn being built from behind some wheat stalks.

Woman lays in field with camera.
Getting the right shot.
Wheat frames an image.
The final shot by Ashlee.
Woman in field.
Anything for the photo.

Website Design

The website design was created using the photos that we shot for DIY Pole Barns. Using the company’s current logo, Artonic planned, designed, and developed a beautiful custom website design for DIY.

Page on the website.

Each page on the website showcases custom photos of builders and DIY pole barns. This helps web visitors to visualize the pole barn being constructed on their properties. This helps bring the DIY story alive.

DIY's website uses custom photography.
DIY’s website uses custom photography.

Additionally, the company utilizes the gorgeous photography in its social media campaigns on Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms.

Facebook cover.
DIY uses its photography on social media.

Not only does DIY update its social media account covers, it also uses the photos in its ongoing posts, like this:

Photos are perfect for social media, because those platforms are literally built to share photos and videos. Pinterest is used effectively in DIY’s campaign.

DIY on Pinterest.

Businesses can use custom photography across all its marketing efforts to create a unique, cohesive brand. Professional photography increases trustworthiness and connection with customers. Unique, beautiful photos also differentiate you from your competitors and help you stick out in the minds of your visitors.

Get the Right Photos

Want to get the right photos for your website or marketing campaigns? Here are a few of our tips:

  1. The best photos are of real people doing the things they do every day.
  2. Get your team on-board by involving them in the planning stage.
  3. Determine ahead of time the photos you need and how you’ll use them.
  4. Be creative; get a variety of shots in different settings or from unique angles.

Find out how the owner of Doctor Flue, inc. uses photography to invest in his business.

DIY Case Study

More Resources for Web Design Photography

Thinking about designing a website for your business? Consider adding an element of legitimacy to your design with custom photography.

This free ebook, 10 Stats About the Value of Photography & Videography in Web Design, is a must-read for any business exploring website design and thinking about photos. Inside, you’ll find solid stats that make the case for custom photos and videos on your website.

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